Team Bids Farewell to a Cornerstone

August 8, 2016

Today it was announced that one of our handlers will be stepping away from our team. Maureen Kidd has made the decision to move closer to her grandchildren in Texas. While we certainly do not wish to see her go, we understand her obligation and desire to be a bigger part of her grand’s lives. Family should always be a top priority.

Words can never express what Maureen has meant to our team. She has literally been here since the beginning. She gave 17 years of her life to training, running, and taking care of the search and rescue canines on our team. She was also one of the people behind the scenes helping to raise money for our cause. It is a very rare thing in the world today to meet someone with such a heart to serve. It was not rare, however, to see Maureen out in the community training with her bloodhound Darcy. Along with Darcy, Maureen served in our trailing section. She never once complained when Darcy pulled her for miles behind a long lead through the thickest of woods, busiest of Shreveport neighborhoods, or during the coldest of nights, or hottest of days.

She knew it was part of the job. Her servant heart would not allow her to quit. Neither would Darcy.

Maureen did not only serve in the never-ending quest to bring the lost home through search and rescue. She also served the elderly in our community as a therapy dog trainer/instructor/evaluator. Her’s was the smiling face that the residents from the Glen Retirement System would see day after day walking with, what had to seem like, two dozen (conservative estimate) happy therapy dogs down the hall to seem them. For many, this was the highlight of their whole day. It’s hard to stay positive when one is dealing with the negative effects of old age. Maureen helped to quell these ill feelings by bringing a four legged companion and good conversation into their day.

We know that in life there are seasons. Maureen has decided that this season is coming to a close here in Shreveport. We thank her for leaving parts of this community better than what they were when she found them. If we all would pick something that we are passionate about, especially one that helps the lost, elderly, or downtrodden, this world would be a much better place.

Thank you for your many years of service Maureen. May God enrich and bless your life and your family (including Darcy). We hope your path forward is paved with fond memories of your time here and bright opportunities in your future. Stay in touch!