Two Team Names, One Team, One Mission

September 14, 2017

At first glance, the title of this posting may sound confusing. “Why two names?” you may be asking yourself. However, the events leading up to the formation of Ark-La-Tex K9 Search and Rescue Strike Team separately from our team may not be as important as the end result; Two team names with one mission, to bring home the lost.

Kerry Foster, Dan Fischer, and Kevin Kidwell have joined together to form Ark-La-Tex K9  Search and Rescue Strike Team but we still enjoy a productive working relationship and mutual aid understanding. Our annual Benefit Horse Show on Labor Day weekend was the grand reveal of our two team name concept. The K9 Search and Rescue Support Group supports both of our teams. It is further proof of the saying “United we stand. Divided we fall.” We stand united.

We will soon be launching a brand new website design incorporating both teams. All of our handlers and canine heroes are here to serve the public. We may have two names, two uniforms and two logos, but we are still here to serve you together. Stay tuned for exciting things ahead.