2018 Seminar Thank You Letter

March 17, 2018

To all Seminar Attendees and Instructors,

It is with a full heart that we thank each and every one of you for helping make our 2018 K-9 Training Seminar another successful event. At the risk of sounding cliche, your support made all of this possible. Whether you attend every year and have become a “staple” at our Seminar, or this was your first time with us, we hope you had a positive experience.

To our valuable instructors, our main goal is to ensure that you have the support and tools necessary to impart your knowledge efficiently and effectively on every student in your group. We hope that was accomplished this year. We appreciate your dedication to the search and rescue field and our teams.

To our passionate students, thank you for entrusting part of your education to us this year. We hope that all 44 of you left with a greater knowledge and understanding of the search and rescue field than when you arrived. Most of all, we hope that you had fun and will keep the fire for this kind of work burning inside so that you can take your skills, and the skills of your canine heroes, back to your community and save lives.

Ultimately that is what all of this is about. Saving lives and bringing closure to grieving families should be the main focus of us all. This is hard work that is sometimes unappreciated. However, by attending our Seminar this year, you have shown us that you have the desire and drive to give all  of yourselves without the need for recognition or a “thank you”. You wish to give your all to help complete strangers thus revealing your servant heart.

Though we all come from different backgrounds, communities and states, when we all gather at this Seminar one common thread is visible between us all, it is that of a servant. Some have served longer than others. But, no matter how long you have been in this field we hope that you will continue to choose to serve with us. We hope that you will continue to attend our Seminar. We hope you find success in everything that you do.

Please do not let your departure from the Scottsville Camp this week end your relationship with us. You need not hesitate if you wish to contact us for any future help or assistance throughout the rest of the year. We are still here for you!

May you all have safe travels and remember to keep on training!

Yours in service,


SFD K9 SAR/ARK-LA-TEX K9 SAR Joint Strike Teams