Project Lifesaver

The Shreveport Fire Department K9 Search and Rescue Task Force is joining forces with Project Lifesaver to combat a new and growing problem in our region. That problem is missing persons. The team has seen a 40% increase in lost elderly persons in the last 8 months.

What is Project Lifesaver?

Project Lifesaver is a national proactive, electronic tracking program used to assist in locating people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other related diseases or children with Down’s Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder that wander from home and become lost. A  lost child with Autism or Down’s Syndrome or an adult wandering with Dementia constitutes a critical emergency and presents challenges to agencies in search and rescue operations. The Shreveport Fire Department K9 Search and Rescue Task Force, in partnership with Project Lifesaver, has launched a planned response to all missing persons who are at-risk and others with special needs that wander off. Nationwide, this program has responded to over 2,000 calls for assistance and the program proudly boasts a 100% success rate in finding the lost individuals. Most within 30 minutes. For more information about Project Lifesaver, visit

How Does it Work?

The program uses a personalized transmitter, powered by a small battery, that emits a constant radio signal 24 hours a day. Once the teams are notified that a person is missing, personnel identify that signal from a specialized directional antenna and are able to track that wandering individual. This equipment is used on foot, in cars, and also by air all while providing maximum coverage and capability for search efforts for several miles.

What to Look for in the Future.

The program will become operational in the next 3-4 months. We hope to have trained personnel with specialized tracking equipment to help locate missing persons who are enrolled in Project Lifesaver. Look for more details when the program becomes fully operational.