Each year the Shreveport Fire Department K9 Search and Rescue Task Force and Ark-La-Tex K9 Search and Rescue Strike Team put on a K9 training seminar at the Scottsville (TX) Camp and Conference Center to further the training and education of individuals and their K9 partners so that those teams can go back to their hometowns and make a positive difference  for their community and region. We bring in top-quality instructors and utilize the most up-to-date techniques and training aides available to maximize what our students get out of their training.

During this week long seminar, students and their K9’s will be challenged by both indoor and outdoor scenarios as well as classroom instruction. There will be a plethora of certification opportunities and we encourage your feedback as to what certifications you may be interested in acquiring.

Students not only come from our immediate area but also from across the country. So if you are new to the search and rescue field or are a seasoned veteran, we invite you to read more about our seminar below and fill out an application to attend our next one. We guarantee a fun and challenging experience.

2024 Seminar Information Center:

March 10-15, 2024

Location: Scottsville Camp and Conference Center (400 Harkins Ln, Marshall, TX 75672)

Cost: $400.00 (Includes meals on site, sack lunches in the field, and lodging.)

Lodging Options:

  1. Bunkrooms w/ community bathrooms. (No additional cost)
  2. Cabins which sleep 2-4 persons in each room. If you have someone you would like to bunk with, please let us know. Cabins are reserved on a first come, first served basis. ($55.00 / night)  
  3. RV locations on site with full utility connections ($30.00 / night)

Sunday night meal: 

$20.00. If you wish to purchase, please check the box on your registration form and include the additional cost in your payment.

Contact for Questions: Kerry Foster 318-560-1195 or

Instructors / Training Classes:

Human Remains Detection: Kerry Foster, Lisa Higgins, Mike Mackey, Ellen McGarry, Khara Schuetzner, Rob Ward

Live Search Air Scenting: Sarah Garfunkel, Justin Mackey, Michelle Metzner, Rick Morrow

Trailing: Corbin Hodge, Jamie Hodge, Mark Holmes, Kevin Kidwell, Ray Mooney, Cheri Sorensen, Laurie Strite

The total number of instructors per class will be based upon the number of student applications. All classes will be limited to afford the proper instructor / student ratio which we hope will maximize time with each student.

Non K-9 Attendees are welcome. However, due to expenses, we cannot provide discounts for this.

Out of courtesy to others in the class, students are expected to only work one dog per day.

HRD Students Only: There will be no land/water rotation this year. When registering, the student must choose either land training or water training for their canine(s).

Certifications / Evaluations:

All certification and/or evaluation needs are left up to the discretion of our instructors. It is the responsibility of the student to let their respective instructor(s) know prior to the beginning of the seminar which certifications and/or evaluations they need.

HRD and Live Search certifications will be offered based on NASAR standards. Please visit the NASAR website to view prerequisites. ( 

Students must pay for the certifications / evaluations as they are provided. Please bring an additional check or cash with you to cover these costs.

Live Auction:

As a reminder, please bring items for our live auction! This is the primary method used to offset expenses of the seminar. While encouraged, items need not be limited to the canines. Feel free to bring special items for both human and canine enjoyment. Thank you!


***Registration will close on February 29, 2024***

2024 K9 Training Seminar Registration

Seminar Instructor Evaluation:

K9 Seminar Instructor Evaluation

Additional Resources:

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